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AJAX Register 3.6 has been released. This version brings advancements in handling multi-select fields, possibility to separate "First name" and "Last name" on registration and a new method to fight bot registrations - honeypot spam trap.

Read on for details on what's new in AJAX Register 3.6.

More advanced multi-select fields

Now you can specify both value and text for each option for the fields with multiple choice (select list, checkboxes and radio buttons). This brings significant advantage because the options can be manipulated even after some users have registered. For example, reordering of options will not change user-saved data (providing no value has changed).

AJAX Register select options

Previously you could not reorder options afterwards because that could potentially change the option values and consequently user profiles that have been already saved. That's no longer the case and fields can be manipulated and options reordered even when some profiles already exist.

This new feature is fully compatible with previous data format, so the upgrade will not change your already existing fields nor the user data. You will just get the possibility to reorder and manipulate the fields.

Separate First Name from Last Name

As you may know, Joomla uses a single field called "Name" to store user full name. This sometimes leads to confusion when users register with only their first name, omitting their last name. In AJAX Register you now get option to require both the "First Name" and the "Last Name" separately.

AJAX Register separate first from last name

The first and last name will be concatenated and stored together in the "Name" field in the database, but at least you get a possibility to ensure the full information is gathered from your users on registration.

Honeypot Spam Trap

If you don't like solving visual captcha, you now have an option of using honeypot spam trap for eliminating bot registrations. This basically adds a new field invisible to regular users but detectable by bots. If this field is filled it means the registration comes from a bot and it will be rejected. It's not as effective as captcha but in most cases it can eliminate most of the automated bot registrations.

Dependent fields now also on Profile

An important update from previous version, in case you missed it: dependent fields now also work on profile pages, as well as profile edit in admin.

Get AJAX Register 3.6 now

For more information about AJAX Register visit the AJAX Register product page. You can see it in action on the DEMO site.

Current users can update simply from Joomla Extension Manager (providing you added your unique update ID to AJAX Register configurations) or request a download link to update. New users: get AJAX Register now.

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