AJAX InfinityAJAX Infinity is a plugin for Joomla that replaces Joomla pagination with auto-loading infinite scroll. Instead of clicking on pagination links, you can now simply scroll down to reach more content. The older articles will auto-populate as you scroll down through the page.

AJAX Infinity offers a whole new experience for your Joomla website. Whether you run a blog site or news site your visitor will appreciate this simple new way of navigating through the articles. And it works both for blog category view and featured articles view.

You can set it up to load the articles automatically as you scroll down, or manually by clicking on a button. You can even choose to load a number of pages automatically and the rest manually. And it can be easily styled with CSS to fit your design.

Unlike the other similar extensions, AJAX Infinity is highly optimised. Instead of the whole site, it will only fetch the actual articles asynchronously, which makes it much more responsive and fast. Now it also features improved back functionality, bringing you back to where you left off.

Visit the News page on this site and scroll down to see it in action.

Compatible with: 5 4 3
  • AJAX technology, quick load without page refresh
  • Seamless integration overriding the core pagination
  • Easy installation, no additional settings required, no core hacks
  • Native MVC structure
  • Only loads required articles asynchronously, not the whole page
  • Configuration for automatic / manual loading of old pages
  • Improved back functionality, bringing you back where you left off
  • Highly optimised
  • Native multilanguage support
  • CSS styling
  • Compatible with Joomla 4 & Joomla 3.x

If AJAX Infinity is not working after the installation it may be caused by a javascript error on your site. Look for any javascript errors in your browser's console (for example Firebug in Firefox). Some other extension or template may be causing javascript errors making AJAX Infinity fail. Disable the extension that may have caused the error and try again.

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* can be installed on any domain, support for 1 domain

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