SEF Advance

Joomla SEF URLs

Search Engine Friendly URL component for Joomla! The most mature SEF component for Joomla! CMS. Developed, improved and supported for over 10 years by one of original Joomla core developers.

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AJAX Scroller

Versatile Joomla Slider

Displays and scrolls dinamically loaded articles, images, Banners, RSS feeds, Twitter updates, Virtuemart products, K2 items or other content using appealing animation effects.

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AJAX Register

AJAX based Joomla Registration

Increase the number of registered users on your site by offering user-friendly registration experience. Asyncronous field validation, CAPTCHA, password strength checking, seamless integration. Unlimited custom fields, multiple registrations for different groups.

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AJAX Infinity

Infinite Scroll for Joomla

Replaces pagination links with infinite scroll. The whole new experience for browsing your site, auto-loading the older articles as you scroll down the page. Now even with improved back button functionality.

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AJAX Recommend

Joomla Recommend Module

Quick and easy recommending module using AJAX technology for sending emails without page refresh.

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Text Scroller

Text Scroller Module

Continuously scrolls the text within a selected article. Featuring parameter options for size, autoplay, scrolling speed and pausing on mouse-over.

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SEO Banners

Search Engine Friendly Banners

A plugin for Joomla which makes your banners more optimized for search engines.

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AJAX Search

Live Search Module

Advanced live search module for Joomla that displays top search results directly as you type.

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Automatic PayPal crediting system

Vodes allows your users to purchase credits (vodes) on your site. The component handles the payments adding the user credits automatically to the database using the PayPal IPN system.

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About us

We provide high quality Joomla components created by a co-founder and original core developer of Joomla. For over a decade, our products have been used by more than 20.000 webmasters around the world.

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