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What's new in AJAX Register

3.7.7 (16.01.2018)
+ Fixed a JS bug with dependent field custom validation

3.7.6 (12.11.2017)
+ Fixed a deprecated notice in reCaptcha 2 library
+ Extended reCaptcha 2 library to use cURL if allow_url_fopen is disabled on server
+ Added password options into account for client validation
+ Added admin options to export only enabled users

3.7.5 (22.10.2017)
+ CSS fix for modal class broken by some Bootstrap versions

3.7.4 (05.09.2017)
+ Fixed broken link in modals on Joomla 3.7.5

3.7.3 (31.05.2017)
+ Improved async check to trim response from server...

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