AJAX RegisterWith AJAX Register it's been possible to create different registration forms to allow users to register into different user groups on your Joomla site. Now it's also possible to allow users to choose the user group they want to register into from a single registration form. There are several other useful features added to AJAX Register recently, read on for details. Select which user group to be registered in

Now you can let users choose which user group they want to register into. You can define which user groups will be available for registration and they will be presented to users in form of a list or radio buttons.

New custom redirect settings

Redirects after registration and after successful activation or email confirmation are now separated and can be fully customised. Also, it's possible to set the redirects per registration form created in menu. This way you can have multiple registration forms, all redirecting to different places.

Different extra fields for different user groups

You could already have different registration forms for different user groups with AJAX Register, creating them from menu. Now the registration forms can also have different fields. So you can now ask users different things on registration depending on which group they register into.

Extra fields can be mailed to administrator

The values of extra fields, filled in by users on registration, can now be mailed to administrators within the new user notification email.

New multiple radio buttons field type

There is a new type for extra fields: multiple radio buttons. This serves as an alternative to select list type.

Changeable date format

Added option to change the date format for text field with date validation to DD-MM-YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY etc.

Display custom fields to admin only

You can now choose to display registered extra fields only in the backend, for administrators to fill.

For more information about AJAX Register visit the AJAX Register product page. See it in action on DEMO site.

New users, get AJAX Register now at the continued discounted price of only 15 EUR.

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