Previously I wrote about how you can display RSS feeds from multiple sources in AJAX Scroller. You probably know that AJAX Scroller can also be used to display your Twitter posts, but how can it be used to display tweets from multiple users?

It's simple, we use Twitter list.

  1. In your Twitter account, create a list and add all users whose tweets you want to display. Make sure the list is public and not private. Add some users to this list.
  2. In your AJAX Scroller parameters select "Twitter" as Type in "Basic Options".
  3. Under "RSS & Twitter Specific Settings" select "List timeline", enter your Twitter username and the name of the Twitter list you just created.
  4. Save and, if you've done everything correctly, you should now see tweets from all users added to your list.

It's also possible to display tweets by any user mentioning a specific hash keyword, using the search timeline. This can make your site very dynamic as it posts most recent trend for a specific keyword.

Emir Sakic Emir is Electrical Engineer turned web developer, co-founder of Joomla and a former member of the core development teams of Joomla and its predecessor Mambo.

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