Make sure that the file: modules/mod_ajaxscroller/mod_ajaxscroller.php has execution rights (CHMOD 644). If directories modules/mod_ajaxscroller/ and modules/ are CHMOD 777 change them to 755.
If you use special .htaccess rules for extra security make sure you exclude module/mod_ajaxscroller/ to allow script execution from this directory.
Try to access the file directly through your browser ( You should get a text response and not Error 500 nor Error 403.

Another reason why the module doesn't scroll can be a JS error. Check that you don't have JS errors in your browser. A common cause of the error is a conflict with jQuery. If your site uses this JS library it may collide with Mootools, Joomla native JS library of choice which is also used by AJAX Scroller. In that case make sure that the jQuery is implemented in no-conflict mode by modules that use it. Another reason for JS error can be double inclusion of Mootools. If Mootools is already included on your site (in most cases it is), do not choose option to include it in AJAX Scroller parameters. Lastly, use tools like Firebug for Firefox to ensure your site is free of javascript errors.

If you are confused just email us the URL where you installed the module and we will quickly diagnose the problem.

To change the module's width and height, its background, navigation buttons position and do other styling edit the file: modules/mod_ajaxscroller/assets/css/style.css.
If you have multiple modules on same page you can do individual styling by creating and uploading a css file with module ID: modules/mod_ajaxscroller/assets/css/styleID.css. For example, if your module ID is 51 you would name the file "style51.css". Also change the class names within the file to match your module's ID. There is an example css file (modules/mod_ajaxscroller/assets/css/styleID.css) included which you can edit for this purpose. You are welcome to copy the css files from the AJAX Scroller demo site and use them. For more detailed tutorial see this post: Tutorial: Styling AJAX Scroller module

If you need help styling your module we can do it for you very quickly for only 10 EUR.
Order the customization here.

You can display AJAX Scroller within an article of your Joomla! site following these instructions:

  • In the "Text" area of the article enter: (on Joomla! 1.0: {mosloadposition user9})
  • Now go to your module manager and edit AJAX Scroller module.
  • Assign the module to position "user9" and select show on "All" pages in "Menu Assignment" selection.

Make sure you have set "Strip tags" to No in AJAX Scroller parameters. If you have "Char limit", it will still strip some HTML tags. So if you want to keep the formatting also set the "Char limit" to 0 (no limit). This will make AJAX Scroller keep all HTML from the article.

First make sure you run AJAX Scroller 2.5.1 or later. Older ones use old version of API that Twitter retired.

Twitter API allows clients to make limited number of requests per hour. In order to keep AJAX Scroller below this limit activate caching in parameters (AJAX Scroller module > General Settings > Cache), set cache time to 1 minute.

Also make sure your Joomla caching works correctly and you don't have any permission problems. You can do so refreshing your frontend and going to Site > Maintenance > Clear Cache. You should see mod_ajaxscroller Cache Group and number of files created should be greater than 0.

You need to register an app on Click here for detailed instructions on how to do that.

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