Ajax Register: Invisible reCAPTCHA!!!!

4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #8118 by jacksonmonkey
Any plans to implement Invisible reCAPTCHA as an option?


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4 months 1 week ago #8128 by Saka

Yes, it's planned. Can't give you the exact release date yet.

Emir Sakic

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3 weeks 12 hours ago #8194 by hakana
Hello Emir,

One of my domains is very popular and even though my Ajax register is not very old, I got 24 fake registrations within 12 hours. I tried different captcha options on the form already. Even your question and answers captcha is passable. So believe me invisible capctha is not a solution as well. Please try to add two more optional protections to the form: Honeypot and minimum time to post a form (counter).

Here is what I quote for you from a plugin:
This plugin uses a Time Gate. This is a hidden timestamp that records how long it took to fill in a form. If the form was submitted more quickly than humanly possible, we can block the submission.

This plugin also uses a Honey Pot. A text field is added to the form and hidden by adding a style tag at the end of the document head tag. It isn't visible to a human user, but a spambot doesn't see that and fills in the field anyway. If we find anything at all in that field when the form is submitted, we've caught a spambot in the honey pot! And the form is blocked.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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