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What's new in SEF Advance

1.8.7 (2017-12-05)
- Fix for SEO pagination title for featured page (frontpage)

1.8.6 (2017-06-04)
- Fixed an issue with SEF link generation on Joomla 3.7 and multilingual sites

1.8.5 (2017-02-18)
- 404 article page now saved with Itemid
- Simplified debug output

1.8.4 (2017-01-22)
- Improved plugin to fix possible multilingual URL issues

1.8.3 (2017-01-22)
- Corrected redirection with respect to URL scheme...

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We provide high quality Joomla components created by a co-founder and original core developer of Joomla. For over a decade, our products have been used by more than 20.000 webmasters around the world.

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