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Latest version: 2.7.5 (UPGRADE)
AJAX Scroller AJAX Scroller is Web 2.0 module for Joomla! (3 / 2.5 / 1.5 / 1.0) that displays and scrolls your site's Articles, Banners, RSS feeds, Twitter updates, Virtuemart products, K2 items or other content, loaded dynamically using different animation effects.

The module is highly optimized, hundreds of articles can be displayed and scrolled without any additional load on your website. It uses AJAX technology to pre-load the next article in advance so it's ready for scroll without delay. Once all items are fetched the remote requests stop while scrolling can continue. The whole process is performed without page refresh, quickly, smoothly and user friendly.

AJAX Scroller can be used to present newsflashes, testimonials, latest news, banners, remote RSS feeds, Twitter updates, web-shop products or any other content with autoplay or manual scroll. You can even duplicate the module and show different slideshows on same page. It can be configured to display several articles at once and remember the last viewed item on page refresh. AJAX Scroller is simple to install and use but powerful in terms of configurations.

For more info read the documentation and visit the DEMO site to see it in action.
Compatible:  Joomla 3 Joomla 2.5 Joomla 1.7 Joomla 1.6 Joomla 1.5 native Joomla 1.0
Plan Overview
  Single site Developer
Buy online. Instant delivery! 12 € (Euro)
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120 € (Euro)
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* can be installed on any domain, support for 1 domain
Support for # of sites: 1 * Unlimited
Free updates & support for: 12 months Lifetime

High quality Joomla! components by one of the original core developers of Joomla! and Mambo.

Thanks for the work that you provided for the AJAX Scroller. The module is working perfectly and I am very happy with the results.
David M. Bertnick, iapsp.net

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