Improve your site appereance with this Web 2.0 module for Joomla.
AJAX Scroller displays and scrolls dinamically loaded articles, banners, RSS feeds, Twitter updates or Virtuemart products using appealing animation effects. Highly optimized, no limits: the ultimate Joomla slider.

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Introducing AJAX Infinity for Joomla

AJAX InfinityAJAX Infinity is a plugin for Joomla! 3 that replaces Joomla pagination with auto-loading infinite scroll. Instead of clicking on pagination links, you can now simply scroll down to reach more content. The older articles will auto-populate as you scroll down through the page. Check out the DEMO to see it in action. More »

Rotate images with AJAX Scroller

AJAX ScrollerThere is a new feature added to AJAX Scroller: now it can rotate images reading them directly from a directory on the server. So, if you want to use AJAX Scroller to show images, you don't need to create articles adding images any more. Just upload images to a folder, point AJAX Scroller to this directory and you are done. More »

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Tags bug in Joomla 3.1.5

If you use latest Joomla 3.1.5 you may have noticed a serious problem with your tagged content. Namely, the content items lose their tags if you reorder the items with drag-and-drop or batch-process the items. This can cause big issues if you... More »

Open AJAX Scroller links in lightbox

The latest version of AJAX Scroller offers possibility to make use of a 3rd party plugin for opening links in lightbox instead of in a new window. By using a lightbox you can, for example, showcase your videos making sure your visitors never leave your site while watching them.... More »
High quality Joomla! components by one of the original core developers of Joomla! and Mambo.

I contracted Emir to add conditional fields and a modal popup to confirm submission for his extension Ajax Register. The price was fair and the turn around time was unexpectedly short. Emir worked over the weekend to ensure delivery on time and even went so far as to help with updating the extension once work was completed.
I can't recommend Emir highly enough. He is a man of his word and an excellent programmer. What more could you ask for in a developer?
Terry Arthur, The eclectic EASEL

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