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Tags bug in Joomla 3.1.5

tagsIf you use latest Joomla 3.1.5 you may have noticed a serious problem with your tagged content. Namely, the content items lose their tags if you reorder the items with drag-and-drop or batch-process the items. This can cause big issues if you use tags to organise your articles. Fortunately, the bug has been fixed and the problem will be solved with the next Joomla release. However, if you need a fix immediately here is how to do it. Read more »

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Open AJAX Scroller links in lightbox

The latest version of AJAX Scroller offers possibility to make use of a 3rd party plugin for opening links in lightbox instead of in a new window. By using a lightbox you can, for example, showcase your videos making sure your visitors never leave your site while watching them. Read on to find out how to configure AJAX Scroller to do just that.
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Display tweets by multiple users with AJAX Scroller

Previously I wrote about how you can display RSS feeds from multiple sources in AJAX Scroller. You probably know that AJAX Scroller can also be used to display your Twitter posts, but how can it be used to display tweets from multiple users?
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AJAX Scroller video review

Just recently I stumbled upon a quite interesting video, reviewing front page news modules for Joomla. The video is published by SmartTactics¬†and devotes most of the time talking about AJAX Scroller. The video is pretty informative so check it out below (jump to 3:35 if you want to go straight to the AJAX Scroller part). Read more »

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Package extensions for Joomla 1.7 and 1.5 together

PackageTwo years ago I wrote about combining Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 extensions into a single installation package. This allowed developers to distribute only a single installation file of their extension which could be used on both Joomla versions. In the same time it was easier for users as well since they avoided dealing with different installation files for different Joomla versions.

Now we reveal how you can add a version for Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 to the same package and create a single installation file of your extension for all Joomla versions! Read more »

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Joomla Mootools upgrade issues with IE9

Some of the AJAX Scroller users might have noticed problems with recently released Internet Explorer 9. The issue is manifested in AJAX Scroller not working in IE9 for Joomla 1.5 sites with activated Mootools upgrade plugin. Read on to see how to fix this.
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Domain checker module

Ko jeExclusively for Bosnian Joomla Community I created a module for checking domain availability. It is used primarily for .ba (Bosnia) TLD but can also be used to check for other TLDs, like .com, .org, .net etc. The module uses AJAX to check for domain availability without page refresh and contains some nice graphics, read on for more screenshots.

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Multiple RSS feeds in AJAX Scroller

Multiple RSSToday I received an interesting question: “Is there a way to add multiple RSS feeds to run simultaneously in AJAX Scroller?”. We know that there is only one single field for entering URL of the feed to be fetched and displayed by AJAX Scroller. So how do we add several different RSS feeds and combine them together in the output? Simple: we use an online feed aggregate tool!

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Stock chart integration in Joomla

WOW IndexRecently I developed a financial chart integration in Joomla for Algo Futures. The charts, called WOW Indices, represent a market’s Order Flow Momentum as determined by Algo Future’s proprietary set of algorithms. WOW Index (Weiss Order Weighted Index) is a Weighted Index that is built from information derived from each and every Order within a particular market. Available markets are SP 500, Dow 30, STOXX 50 and Crude Oil electronic futures markets. It is a free and handy tool that allows traders to trade with the institutional, hedge fund, and prop order flow that drives changes in price. Read more »

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SEF Advance extension for K2

K2SEF Advance extension for K2 is now in testing phase. If you use the K2 component for Joomla it will give you some kick-ass URLs in combination with SEF Advance. Interested? Help testing! Join the discussion on forum.

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