Joomla! extensions

  • SEO Banners (v1.0)

    SEO Banners SEO Banners is a plugin for Joomla 2.5 which makes your banners more optimized for search engines.

    Instead of pointing to internal banners component and redirecting to external URL when clicked, your banners will now link directly to external URLs while updating the counters on click in the background. This makes your banners more valuable to search engines as they are now able to recognize the sites you are linking to and update their page rank accordingly.

    • If you use a 3rd party SEF component, make sure the SEO banners system plugin is ordered BEFORE any SEF plugin.
    • The plugin forces opening links in new window (required), your module settings for this are ignored.
    DEMO      Download

  • Text Scroller (v1.1)

    Text Scroller Text Scroller is a module for Joomla that displays and continuously scrolls through a selected article. It features parameter options for size, autoplay, scrolling speed, pausing on mouse-over, scrollbar visibility and more.
    • Configurable size, can display only intro, full text or both
    • Auto play with customizable pause time, options for setting the scrolling speed and pause on mouse-over
    • Styling possibilities, uses CSS to customize the appearance
    • Display module within article content using loadposition plugin
    • Display multiple instances on the same page
    • Uses Mootools only, framework already loaded in Joomla, no jQuery or any other additional frameworks required
    • Compatible with Joomla! 3 and 2.5
    • One-click upgrades supported
    DEMO      Download

  • Vodes (v1.1)

    Vodes Vodes allows your users to purchase the credits (vodes) on your site. The component handles the payments adding the user credits automatically to the database using the PayPal IPN system.
    It also has administration of the credits and configuration in the backend. The credits are intended to be spent to vote for articles and polls, donate, finance the development of information goods, access various areas and other purposes of your choice.
    DEMO      Download

  • Mambook (v2.5)

    Mambook Mambook is advanced Guestbook for Joomla! 1.x / Mambo 4.x.
    Designed as component it will fully integrate using the same database with powerful integrated administration.
    Being highly customizable via control panel and featuring all functions you can demand, Mambook is your ultimate Guestbook solution.
    DEMO      Download

  • AJAX Listing (v1.1.3)

    AJAX Listing AJAX Listing is a module for Joomla! 1.0 / Mambo 4.x that shows a paged list of user defined database entries. This can be a list of popular articles, online users, latest forum posts, hot properties etc.
    It comes preconfigured for listings of core articles and users, as well as for number of 3rd party components such as Community Builder, Fireboard, SMF, Joomlaboard, LoudMouth, Mambook, Akobook, Easybook, Hot Property, Mosets Tree, mosDirectory, SOBI2, VirtueMart and more to be added.
    It features powerful API to add configurations for your own components or custom listings. You can even duplicate the module and show different listings on different pages.
    DEMO      Download

  • Userlist (v2.5)

    Shows list of registered users fully integrated in Joomla! / Mambo.
    Features paged view and user search with sorting. Easy customization and translation. Admin configuration options. SEF Advance compatible.
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  • Recommend (v2.4)

    Lets the visitors recommend your site to their friends. Features advanced email options, validators and easy installation and translation.
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  • Email Directory (v1.3)

    This component allows your visitors to add and list their email addresses on your site. The component includes anti-spam protection using GD library or cloaking if GD not available. Logged-in users are able to contact listed emails using an online form. Listings are sortable by all fields and searchable. The full entry administration is available along with several settings of look and function and mass mail option. Compatible with Joomla! 1.5 in legacy mode.
    DEMO      Download

  • Ko je? (v1.0)

    Ko je A domain checker module for Joomla 1.5. Built primarily for .ba TLD but will also check for .com, .org, .net TLDs.
    Uses AJAX to check for domain availability without page refresh and contains some nice graphics.
    DEMO      Download

  • Bosnian (v1.5)

    Bosnian translation pack for Joomla! 1.0 / Mambo 4.5.

  • Community Builder Profile Plugin (v1.0)

    This is the plugin (mambot) for inserting a profile link to Community Builder profile in a content item.
    It can be used in two ways:
    {cb_profile=Username}...some text...{/cb_profile}
    There are also parameters that can be setup in admin: to overlib the profile thumbnail, if available, and to open the link in a new window rather than the same
    DEMO      Download

  • Mambo 3.0.7 addons

    Before I joined the Mambo team to work on version 4.0, I wrote several addons for Mambo 3.0.7 and LoudMouth 2.4. Most of these enhancements have been included in Mambo 4.0/4.5 later on. If you, by some reason, still use Mambo 3.0.7 you can have use of these downloads.

Misc. programs

  • SMS Clickatell Gadget

    SMS Clickatell is a gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar that enables you to send SMS messages right from your desktop!
    The gadget features quick contacts, message tracking, balance check and settings for own number so the messages can be replied to. You can even enter someone else's number or any other text to make your message appear coming from someone else. ;)

  • Hotmail WAP interface

    This is WAP interface for Hail - PHP Hotmail Client. With this PHP script you can access your hotmail account from a mobile device with WAP (WML 1.1). All you need is a web server with PHP scripting support.
    The script relies on Hail v0.08 (, PHP class for hotmail and supports basic webmail features. This WAP interface supports long email splitting, paged folders, session login, WML templates and more.
    NOTE: Do not use any Emulator! It will not work. Use a real phone for testing.

  • Contact Form (v1.0)

    This is a PHP contact form that allows your visitors to send you a mail from your homepage.
    Includes field and mail validity check, senders IP address (real and proxy).
    Requires PHP and sendmail.

  • Wap Sendmail

    This is a PHP script for WAP that will allow your WAP visitors to send a mail from your WAP page.
    Requires PHP and sendmail. WML page as input (WML MIME type must be supported).
    Includes field and mail validity check.

High quality Joomla! components by one of the original core developers of Joomla! and Mambo.

I LOVE this product. AJAX Photo Album is absolutely the best album I have used yet for Joomla.
Reginald D Byrum,

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