AJAX Recommend
     2.7 (31.03.2011)
     Module for Joomla! 1.x / Mambo 4.x
     Dynamic portal server and Content management engine

     Copyright (C) Emir Sakic, 2006-2011.

     Developer: Emir Sakic - http://www.sakic.net
     First release: 03.07.2006

AJAX Recommend is a module for Joomla! 1.x / Mambo 4.x that allows
visitors to recommend your site to their friends by e-mail.

Using AJAX technology, the whole process is performed without need for page refresh,
making it very quick and user friendly. The module is powerful but simple to install and use.

- AJAX technology, making the module very quick and user friendly
- Possibility to add as many e-mails as you want
- Adding a short message to be sent along
- E-mails validity check, required fields check
- Sending emails without page refresh
- Progress image display during the sending process
- Using internal mail function for sending via PHP mail, Sendmail or SMTP server
- Configuration to make e-mail appear coming from Site Admin or Visitor
- Configuration to send mail in plain text or HTML
- Configurable input field sizes
- Dialog translations via module configurations
- Joomla! 1.5 native (no legacy mode required) and Joomla! 1.0 compatibility

AJAX Recommend is a module for Joomla! / Mambo Content Management System.
You will need either of those installed and running on your server.
Joomla! is available at http://www.joomla.org, Mambo is available at http://www.mamboserver.com.

Install AJAX Recommend by uploading the mod_ajaxrecommend.zip file to Modules Installer
of your Joomla! / Mambo administration.
After the installation you can publish the module and assign it to pages of your site
that you want the module to appear on.

AJAX Recommend offers several customization possibilities.
All settings are found under "Parameters" by editing the "Recommend" module.

- "Mail From" defines whether you want the mail to appear coming from the Site Admin
  (recommended setting) or the Visitor.
  If "Site Admin" is selected the "From:" value of the sent mail will be set according
  to your site defaults ("From Name:" and "Mail From:" of your Global Configuration).
  The "Reply to:" value will be set according to the input fields so the mail can be replied
  to the address of visitor sending the recommendation.
  If "Site Visitor" is selected the "From:" value of the sent mail will simply be set
  according to the input fields and the mail will appear coming directly from the visitor
  sending the recommendation.
  To reduce the possibility of the recommendation e-mails being filtered as spam, it is recommended
  that you leave the "Site Admin" setting selected.
  Additionally, it is recommended that you setup "Mail From:" of your Global Configuration to
  an address that corresponds your site's domain. For example, if your site's domain is
  http://www.domain.com you would set "Mail From:" to be something like webmaster@domain.com.
- "Mail in HTML format" defines whether you want the e-mails send like plain text or in HTML.

  If you want to add some HTML footers to the body of the e-mail for example, you would
  need to set this to "yes". Otherwise sending as plain text is to prefer.

- "Link to specific page" - if set to Yes, a link to specific page the user is on will be sent
  instead of main website URL.

- "Send copy to admin" - send copy of recommend email to site Administrators.

- "Use name / email fields" - you can select not to show name field or even email field.
  In latter case the user will have to be logged-in in order to recommend the site.

- "Allow multiple e-mails" and "Allow additional message" - lets you choose whether to allow
  user enter more than one destination email and additional message to be sent along.

- "Field sizes" - you can setup input fields and text area sizes here. You can also choose the
  Message textarea to be always extended instead of being user extandable.

- "Expand/Shrink icons" - you can optionally enter a relative path to expand/shrink field icons

- "Dialogs" - you can change or translate all module and e-mail dialogs here.
  In the case of Mail subject and body, strings {NAME}, {EMAIL}, {MESSAGE}, {SITENAME}
  and {LIVESITE} are replaced with corresponding input values and site defines.

Loading image
You can change the progress image by simply replacing the file:

For questions and support please refer to the FAQ section of my homepage:
If you don't find the answer there you may send me an e-mail using the contact form.
Any feedback is highly welcome too.

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