Conditional fields with AJAX Register

AJAX RegisterIf you ever needed conditional fields on Joomla user registration now you can create them with latest version of AJAX Register. It allows you to set dependencies and have a field show only if a certain value in the previous field has been selected. Read on to see how this makes registration forms user friendlier than ever.

Conditional fields
Let's say we want user to select his location on registration. We can create a field called "Region". Depending on his selection we want to display another field. For example, if he chooses "North America" we want to display a new select list populated with USA states, if he chooses "Europe" we want to display European countries instead.

So, how do we set it up in the backend? It's easy, you create all fields and then assign dependency for each.

This will tell the field "State" to appear only if "North America" is selected in the "Region" field. It's easy and useful.

New buttons
We added "Save & New" and "Save as Copy" buttons to extra fields which will make your life easier when creating fields.

For more information about AJAX Register visit the AJAX Register product page. See it in action on DEMO site.

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