AJAX Register gets new options

AJAX RegisterA new version of AJAX Register has been released with plenty of new options for your Joomla registrations. You can now block IP ranges and use wildcards. For those of you who want to simplify the registration even more there is an option to have Email as Username. And there is a brand new CAPTCHA option with custom questions and answers. Read on for details and check out the AJAX Register DEMO.

What's new in v1.5?

Added support to IP range and wildcards for IP blocks
You don't need to block IPs one by one any more. Now you can block IP ranges like, or use wildcards like 1.2.3.*

Added autocomplete=off option to avoid double-clicks on form submit
When form values are pre-filled by your browser a click outside the field or on submit button may be required for the live validation. Now you can avoid double-clicking the submit button by blocking the browser's auto-complete feature.

Added option to use Email as username
Want to simplify the user registration by using the email as username? This option will ditch the Username field and let your visitors register with their email only.

Added new captcha option - custom questions and answers
Instead of Image captcha and reCAPTCHA, now you can also define 5 custom questions and answers. A random question is displayed which user will have to answer correctly to in order to register. Of course, the inline AJAX validation is supported even for this field.

Improved captcha admin parameter settings with JS slide effects
Easier and more logical admin interface using a nice slide effects for captcha parameters.

For more information and purchase visit the AJAX Register product page. Current users upgrade here.
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