K2SEF Advance extension for K2 is now in testing phase. If you use the K2 component for Joomla it will give you some kick-ass URLs in combination with SEF Advance. Interested? Help testing! Join the discussion on forum.

spamRecently I began to receive huge amount of spam on forum. The attack started about a month ago with hundreds of fake registrations every day all adding spam links to various sites for SEO purposes. The curious thing is that they were able to bypass different types of visual verifications, anti-bot systems and email activation which suggests these are attacks with human intervention.

movingThis week we are moving. From USA to Europe actually. Well, only the site of course. There could be some disturbances with Sakic.Net and its services so please bear with us until things are settled and everything is in place on the new server. EDIT (Oct 31st 2009): The server move has been completed. Hope everything went smoothly and you haven't noticed it. Please leave a comment about how the new host feels: is the site faster, slower and where you surf from.

PHP encodingRecently it came to my attention that someone copied one of my free and GPL components for Joomla, made cosmetic changes and started selling it. According to GPL there wouldn't be anything wrong with that if they also didn't change the license to a proprietary one (which text they also copied from my non-GPL products) and if they didn't steal the component's name as well. For this reason I am getting emails asking for relation with this site, even asking me for support.

CakePHPCakePHP framework provides a great pagination helper but its default URLs aren't that great. By default it generates URLs that look like: http://domain/news/page:2. I spent a long time looking for a way to skip "page:" part in URLs and in links generated by the helper, or even just change the string "page" to something else. It showed up that there's no easy way to configure the paginator that way. So I came up with a workaround that will change your CakePHP pagination URLs to: http://domain/news/2