AJAX Photo Album
     v1.6 (21.05.2009)
     Component for Joomla! 1.0 / 1.5
     Content Management System

     Copyright (C) Emir Sakic, 2007-2009.

     Developer: Emir Sakic - http://www.sakic.net
     First release: 01.11.2007

What is AJAX Photo Album?
AJAX Photo Album is a component for Joomla! / Mambo Content Management System
which brings you functionality of a quick, convenient and user-friendly image gallery.

Your images will be browsable without refreshing the whole site each time an image is changed.
Only the actual image will be updated which makes this component much quicker than traditional galleries.

AJAX Photo Album has been specifically optimized to deal with albums containing large number of files.
The integrated caching mechanism ensures even faster load.

As the component doesn't store image information in database, both the uploading and the updating are easy:
just drop your folder with images to the setup root directory and you are ready to go!

The gallery features multiple albums, photo and thumb view, customizable templates, multiple languages,
browsing by images or thumbnails, live image search, drop-down selection and much more.

The administration contains an application manager where you can create new albums,
upload and delete the images and create thumbnails.

There is also a possibility to show an album within the article content. For that you need the APA mambot/plugin
which can be downloaded here: http://www.sakic.net/content/scripting_files/mosapa.zip
After you have installed and published the mambot add an album using following code:
{mosapa album="Name of the album"}

Install AJAX Photo Album by uploading the the package zip file through admin component installer
(for Joomla!: Installers > Components, for Mambo: Components > Install). If everything is OK,
no errors should be displayed. You may want to add the component to your menu now through the menu manager.

AJAX Photo Album offers many customization possibilities through its admin control panel.
Please visit the control panel to explore all the preferences available and read the help files for
clarification on each setting.

To change the gallery layout you can edit the component templates. There are two HTML templates, for photo and
for thumb view, respectively. They are found under the directory: 'components/com_apa/html/'.
Just open the template with your favorite text or HTML editor and you will be able to edit their HTML layout.
You will notice the important elements encapsulated by curly brackets ({}) which you can move around or remove completely.
For example, if you don't want to display date on the top of each image you would just remove the element {DATE}.

For styling the component you can edit the CSS file located in 'components/com_apa/css/' directory.

Finally, for translation, open the default English file: 'components/com_apa/lang/english.php', translate it and
put back to the same directory under new name, for example: 'components/com_apa/lang/spanish.php'.
If you have that language installed on your CMS, or you use Joomfish, the component will get translated automatically.

Further help
For answers to frequently asked questions, upgrades, feedback and support visit Sakic.Net website.

Visit http://www.sakic.net for more exciting Components and Modules for Joomla! / Mambo CMS.

High quality Joomla! components by one of the original core developers of Joomla! and Mambo.

Great Component, A+++
Sonny Cutting, bullet-media.co.uk

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