Register users in different user groups with AJAX Register

AJAX RegisterAdding custom fields to AJAX Register was received tremendously well but also opened up to many new feature requests. It's been exciting to hear so many good ideas and we worked hard to implement some of them. The version 2.5 has just been released bringing you some of the most requested features. Among others, there is now a possibility to create different registration forms that register new users into different user groups.

Select which user group to be registered in

In Joomla there is a global setting in Users Configuration to select which group new users will be registered in. But you can't have different registration forms to register different users into different user groups.

Now you can do just that with AJAX Register. In the menu create a new AJAX Register form and configure which user group it will register users to. This setting will override the global configured one. You can create as many registration forms as you need.

Extra user fields can be accessed globally now

You can now access the extra fields values for each user from your own modules. The extra fields are now attached to the global $user object and can be accessed by
$user = JFactory::getUser();

Added max length setting

You can now specify a maximum character length for every text field you create.

Bug fixes and improvements

Several bugs have also been fixed recently like a crash in IE8 when a checkbox is published and bug with ampersands as defaults in extra fields. It has also been improved by avoiding conflicts with extensions that use jQuery and fixing issues with Joomfish and FaLang.

A new type of custom fields for file upload for images and PDFs have also been added previously. All features and improvements are available both for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.

For more information about AJAX Register visit the AJAX Register product page. See it in action on DEMO site.

New users, get AJAX Register now at the continued discounted price of only 15 EUR.
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How great it is to see thousands of my website links turned into search engine friendly, nice looking, human readable URLs which are easier to memorize. Thank You and excellent job!
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