AJAX Scroller now compatible with K2

K2AJAX Scroller is now compatible with K2, a popular CCK component for Joomla. In addition to Joomla content articles, Banners, RSS feeds, Tweets and Virtuemart products, you can now also scroll through your K2 items. As always, all items are fetched asynchronously, without affecting the page load. New version of AJAX Scroller also brings administration improvements which gives much better overview and control over its features.

While it was previously possible to scroll through K2 items indirectly, using its RSS feeds, many have requested native support for this popular component. We listened and this feature will now be particularly appreciated by those who use K2 as replacement for Joomla's native article system.

AJAX Scroller K2
AJAX Scroller K2 settings

As you can see above, only the settings relevant to the selected type of content will be exposed. This keeps the focus on the parameters you need while hiding anything non-relevant to you.

Current users upgrade here for FREE and new users get AJAX Scroller today.

We will continue adding support for popular Joomla components and are interested in hearing what you would like AJAX Scroller to support. Feel free to comment below.
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I want to say your SEF component is AWESOME! We love it, and we're going to move all of our sites to it immediately. We've tried them all, and your is fantastic. We really, really love it!
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