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After I link the database via the install script admin is automatically redirected but comes up file not found ::) its there I seen it, cant login to admin after installing. Also noticed that there is no direct server path in the config.

You need to do the configurations in the "config.php" file manually.
The exact procedure is described in the manual:

As mentioned prior I did your install from manual to the letter. Config by hand and chmod 777 the images/logo file, everything worked as I hit the install page ok but, the admin page came up 404. You mentioned full path but it only says localhost, and how come the admin directory can be browsed with all my scripts, is this because it did not install? I have installed Joomla over 30 times and other scripts so this is not my first just need a little coaching , thanks. ???

Are you installing this locally?
Please check that you have extracted all files correctly. Is index.php available in the admin directory (looks like it's not executed since you get the directory listing).

No I am installing on my server and I have a root account usage. Loaded everything to http folder and not installing in directory, but at root for account. checked all files and they are there. my issue is with config I believe. Made all the adjustments manually and my further issue is the setup of same. At the top is a section to edit--------
$db_host = 'localhost';                           // mySQL host
$db_user = 'wap';                                 // mySQL user
$db_password = 'PASSWORD';                        // mySQL password
$db_name = 'wap';                                 // mySQL database name
user and password are the 2 areas to change and I did so, used database name just as above, you mention path to server, so where is that to go? This could be the issue I am having or is localhost enough? Even tried to take out local host and put in real path, still no go. :-[


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