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Forum spam


spamRecently I began to receive huge amount of spam on forum. The attack started about a month ago with hundreds of fake registrations every day all adding spam links to various sites for SEO purposes. The curious thing is that they were able to bypass different types of visual verifications, anti-bot systems and email activation which suggests these are attacks with human intervention. (more…)

We are moving


movingThis week we are moving. From USA to Europe actually. Well, only the site of course. There could be some disturbances with Sakic.Net and its services so please bear with us until things are settled and everything is in place on the new server.

EDIT (Oct 31st 2009): The server move has been completed. Hope everything went smoothly and you haven’t noticed it. Please leave a comment about how the new host feels: is the site faster, slower and where you surf from.

Why am I encoding my scripts


PHP encodingRecently it came to my attention that someone copied one of my free and GPL components for Joomla, made cosmetic changes and started selling it. According to GPL there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if they also didn’t change the license to a proprietary one (which text they also copied from my non-GPL products) and if they didn’t steal the component’s name as well. For this reason I am getting emails asking for relation with this site, even asking me for support.

Changing CakePHP pagination URLs



CakePHP framework provides a great pagination helper but its default URLs aren’t that great. By default it generates URLs that look like: http://domain/news/page:2. I spent a long time looking for a way to skip “page:” part in URLs and in links generated by the helper, or even just change the string “page” to something else. It showed up that there’s no easy way to configure the paginator that way. So I came up with a workaround that will change your CakePHP pagination URLs to: http://domain/news/2 (more…)

Integrating Twitter into your Joomla site


TwitterTwitter is the new thing on the internet. With it you can leave short updates about what you are up to and your followers will be updated. If you have a Twitter account and a Joomla site you may want to show your latest Twitter updates on it. Using our product AJAX Scroller you can show not only your own updates, but also the updates of all of your friends. And all of them can be loaded and browsed with no extra overhead. Here is how you do it. (more…)

Package extensions for Joomla 1.5 and 1.0 together


cubesIf you ever tried to write an extension for Joomla you probably know that old components, modules, plugins and templates, for Joomla version 1.0, are not compatible with version 1.5. With some minor tweaking, you could get old extensions to run quite nicely in Joomla 1.5 if you turned on the legacy mode plugin.

However, more and more Joomla users require native 1.5 extensions only and won’t bother turning on the legacy mode. The developers convert their old extensions to new ones but they are forced to distribute them separately for different Joomla versions. Here is how you can fit them together so that the same package can be installed both on Joomla 1.0 and 1.5, without legacy mode needed. (more…)



This is my first blog post. In addition to our regular products news, this blog will be used to post about best practices using Joomla and programming for it, using our products and other Joomla extensions and for general web development hints. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow it while I will try to post regularly and keep you up to date with interesting and useful stuff for web developers.

Emir SakicEmir is an Electrical Engineer turned web developer, one of Joomla founders and a former member of the core development teams of Joomla and its predecessor Mambo.

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